Mark 14:15 Luke 1: 17 , 22: 12, 2 Pet 1:3, 1 Cor 1:5 Luke 14: 17

What a Great and Loving God that had brought us all into this wonderful year. God had already planned, made ready and given us all Things that will enable us live victoriously. What are the things that are ready: goodness, health, prosperity, joy, etc. It is our year of serving God fervently and accomplishing all that God desired for us. Stop crying over the things you missed or lost. Your mistake is turning to a miracle, your failure is turning to Lifting and your lack is turning to abundance. There is future for you. Get ready to possess your possession. Your enemies will be silenced and all your pharaohs will be swallowed up by the red Sea. You will enjoy God’s amazing goodness and overflowing favour. Every mountain will give way for you. You shall no more suffer affliction. It is your year to shine and sing a new song. You’re armed and dangerous. Nothing will stop you. You will rule over all your enemies. You will rise to new level. Every dryness will become a blessed life. You shall make it to the end. You and Your God will be dignified and honored. The Grace and supernatural endowment to function well and have a victorious living is released upon you now in Jesus name; Amen.




Ps 5:12 Exo 3:21, 11:3 Ruth 2:13Pr 3:4 Lk 2:52 Acts 2:47 Gen 39:3-4 Job 10:12

Success in Life is not a function of strength, swiftness, or skill. It answers absolutely to favour. The quality of a man’s life is a function of the favour at work for him. One day of favor is worth a thousand days of labor” God can do for you in one day what you could take years to accomplish alone. Favour is very important in our lives, because it is the engineer of every great future. Efforts and labour is rewarding when favour is added to it. Favour is receiving some exceptional treatment from God and people. Life outside favour amounts to low productivity. As God  envelopes with favour, you will be treated well wherever you go. Favour is expression of goodness from God and man. Favor can be displayed in many forms such wealth, riches, connections, wisdom, compassion, faith, knowledge etc. Favour is an act of kindness or generosity. It is Unfair partiality; favouritism and attractiveness. Favour is the master key to a world of fulfilment. It changes and gloriously repositions people. God determines the placement of everyone by His favour There are two kinds of favour. Favour from God and favour from man. Each of them is important for a successful life. By the favour of God coming upon you this day , you’ll enjoy kindness beyond measure. Welcome to your favour



Sunday Service: Every Sunday @ 10:00

Bible Teaching & Prayer: Every Tuesday@  19:00

Children meeting: Every  Every Saturday @ 16:30

Street outreach: Saturday @  14:00

Choir Rehearsal : Every Saturday @ 19:00

Fasting & Prayer: Sunday 4 September @ 10:00

Holy Communion: Sunday  4  September  @ 12:00

Women Meeting: Sunday 4 September  @13:00

Leadership Meeting: Saturday  10  September @   19:00

Information meeting: Sunday 18 September @ 12:00

Birthday Celebration:  Sunday 25 September @ 10:00  

Winner Women prayer meeting : Friday 30  September   @ 19:00


Welcome to our Service;

Lovely people, thank God for the gift of life. Not only did He give us life but He gave us what will make each one of us unique in the midst of multitudes. God  wants to  relate  with you in an intimate way. He is calling everyone to His Kingdom. Responnding to His call  changes ones life for good. Every child of God is a citizen of Zion, and belongs to a highly favoured kingdom. You are not a stranger to favour and should not be.  God wants to display favour to all. It is imperative  to know that success in any human endeavour is a function of favour. Furthermore you need to know that favour is not fair because it is not based on merit but on God’s sovereign choice and will. God declared in the Bible that He will show mercy on to whom He wants to show mercy. The covenant favour of God is purposeful, specific, predictable and sure. It has Heaven’s guarantee with it. Every promise of God in the Bible is a covenant promise and is for  all of us. We can demand any one of them and activate them. As you draw closer to God with a true heart, your life will get better and better. I encourage you to see yourself as the righteousness of God in Christ and having a covenant with Him. See yourself as blessed by the Lord as being divinely endowed to prosper. See yourself as being completely surrounded by blessing, goodness and mercy that you never merited. Meditate on these things; say it out loud and you will see it come to pass in your life. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, you are blessed and you are highly favoured in all you step out to do. Get ready to receive the best of God’s blessing your life. Questions for you to reflect on. Are you enjoying God’s favour  as you should? Are you satisfied with your success level? Are you filled with peace, joy and love? Are you facing difficult situation?  What is your goal in life? Father I pray  and ask you to intervene and do wonders in the life of these people.


1. When people engage in the Bible, there lives changes for good.

2. The new testament reveals the new and living way of relating with God.

3.  Persecution is  an inevitable part of Christian journey.

4. Treat people you meet well.

5.  True deliverance from God is not don’t only get people free but staying free.  

6. The key to life’s victory at all times is focusing on the Lord and His Word.  

7.  True Peace that comes from God comes through Grace and Faith.

8. Love is the only solution to  hatred.

9. Actions are the by-product of belief.


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